My left hand

Deniz visits his friend Marcus, the bar owner, to tell him about something that changed his life (literally) over night.

Something wonderful, something mysterious, something unbelievable.

He discovered that by only using his left hand, he could get any woman on the planet to sleep with him. Not physically, but even better: they come and visit him at night in his own dream world, where he can act out his most erotic fantasies.

All Deniz needs to do is shaking hands, his left hand to be precise, with the boyfriend of said woman - and voilĂ : the following night she will be his willing playmate. Deniz tested it for one week and it always worked - even if he didn't know the guys that shook his hand nor their girlfriends.

Of course Marcus does not believe a single word of all that. So Deniz is putting him to a test...